We here at AVP want to acknowledge and offer our condolences to all of the victims, survivors, friends and families of the recent violence in schools. It is our daily experience to serve families who experience sudden loss at the hands of violence.  We witness each day the profound cost of homicide for the families we serve, the intense pain that runs parallel to traumatic loss, and the strength it takes for co-victims to invest in their new reality. For those who are living with traumatic grief, tragic events may elicit a re-experiencing of their personal tragedies. It is common for individuals, both children and adults to experience overwhelming feelings as a part of living with trauma. We have included several links listed below to help adults and children cope with a traumatic event.

Talking with your children about the tragedy:

Managing Traumatic Stress After a Traumatic Event:


Philadelphia is deeply affected by violence; it plagues our streets, our homes, and our schools, it burdens families and children.  As an agency we are working each day to prevent and respond to the public health epidemic of violence in our community. We understand that those affected by violence here in Philadelphia may re-experience their personal tragedies after hearing about the losses in the media. We hope that the above guides will help with your experience but if you are seeking further help, please call us at 215-567-6776.