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Families of Murder Victims (FMV) is a victim advocacy and services program under the auspices of The Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia (AVP).  The primary goal of FMV is to help lessen the suffering and trauma of family members following the violent death of a loved one.  FMV’s services are offered free of charge to family members and friends of a homicide victim, the “co-victims of homicide”, regardless of the status of their case.


Families of Murder Victims began in 1980 as a self-help support group of parents who were grieving the death of a child due to homicide.  FMV has grown to provide more comprehensive services to entire families, including court accompaniment, case status updates,  and assistance filing for crime victims compensation.


An advocate from FMV will attend court proceedings to answer family member’s questions, provide emotional support and act as a liaison between the Assistant District Attorney and detectives. Co-victims can also call FMV to find out case status updates while awaiting trial. Additionally, FMV can ensure families have all the resources they need, such as information on how to file for Victims Compensation Assistance Program, how to enroll in the Victim Notification Program and information regarding counseling and support groups.  This is not an exhaustive list of services that FMV provides, so if you need assistance or think we might be able to help, please feel free to contact us.


Family members are welcome to call the FMV office to obtain service referrals and information, case updates or other criminal justice information, even if an arrest has not been made in the case. FMV can be reached by calling (215) 686-8033 or via email.