Intra-Familial Homicide Initiative

With the grant awarded by the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) by way of the US Department of Justice, the Intra-Familial Homicide Initiative within the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia (AVP) works to improve Philadelphia’s systemic responses for families of homicide victims with a particular focus on enhancing responses for survivors of Intra-Familial homicide (IFH). The IFH team is not a direct service provider, but rather works to improve service provision across the City in the following ways:

  • Conducting survivor-centered research with survivors of IFH and service providers who work with families impacted by IFH to identify gaps and best practices;
  • Increasing collaboration and coordination of services across city and community agencies including the Medical Examiner’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, Philadelphia Homicide Unit, Victim Service Agencies, and more;
  • Coordinating training from local and national experts for multi-disciplinary providers on issues related to homicide and survivors, and evidence-based practices for service provision;
  • Developing, purchasing, and disseminating resources that provide families in the aftermath of homicide with the critical resources and information they need.

Ultimately, the IFH initiative at AVP in Philadelphia will be one of the seven sites nationally to serve as a model for newly developed protocols, materials, and best practices responding to complex homicides. These resources will be made available for providers to improve and enhance services nationally and will be distributed by the National Center for Victims of Crime.