Through the Violence Intervention Prevention (VIP) program, AVP counselors assist school staff respond to the short and long-term mental health needs of students after violent incidents affecting the school or community. In addition, a significant component of the project is to provide participatory anti-violence training and counseling aimed at helping students identify and choose positive alternatives to their disputes.

The goals of VIP are: to assist school staff in the identification of students who have experienced violence-related trauma; to improve the mental health and academic success of individual students experiencing trauma symptoms; to provide training to students in positive conflict resolution; and to work with school staff in creating a more peaceful environment conducive to academic, emotional, and social development for all students.

VIP achieves its goals through a variety of activities including:

  • Crisis Response Debriefing
  • Follow-up Trauma Therapy
  • Prevention Counseling, Support, and Training
  • Staff Training