Youth Violence Outreach

The Youth Violence Outreach Initiative (YVO) provides services with a focus on breaking the cycle of violence and trauma in our community. The YVO Initiative works with young people of all genders and particularly young males of color, as they are more likely to be exposed to violence and yet are less likely to have access to services and support. By partnering with area schools and other agencies therapists and counselors provide a variety
of trauma informed services including individual clinical therapy, psycho-educational groups, and coaching. This initiative promotes social justice by reducing the stigma around trauma and by providing supportive services that build resiliency and hope for youth in our community who have been impacted by violence.

The goals of The Youth Violence Outreach Initiative are:
 to assist school staff in the identification of students who have experienced violence-
related trauma;
 to improve the mental health and academic success of individual students
experiencing trauma symptoms;
 to provide training to students in positive conflict resolution; and
 to work with school staff in creating a more peaceful environment conducive to
academic, emotional, and social development for all students.

Please call 215-567-6776 to find out which Philadelphia area schools and organizations are hosting YVO therapists and counselors.