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Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia

victim services in Philadelphia.


Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia (AVP) is a victim service agency based in West Philadelphia. We provide a wide range of intervention, prevention, and support services to children, youth, adults, and families who have been a victim of violence and/or have lost a loved one to homicide. We provide our services to Philadelphians free of charge and do not require our clients to have proof of insurance or citizenship.

Victim Services

We provide support services for victims of crime in West and Southwest Philadelphia, and for co-victims of homicide who must interact with the justice system following the loss of their loved one.

Counseling Services

We provide victims of all ages free professional therapy by State-licensed clinicians who utilize an array of evidence-based modalities to support our clients' healing journeys.

Youth Services

We provide an array of support for youth who have been direct or indirect victims of violence, including school-based therapy and activities that promote healthy youth development and positive outcomes.

Research & Advocacy

As victim advocates, it is our responsibility to elevate victims' and survivors' voices by advocating for system-wide change that improves victims' and survivors' experiences, now more than ever.

Our Mission & Vision

Since 1983, the mission of Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia has been to reduce the cycle of violence by providing an array of services to victims and survivors in the aftermath of violence that promote healing and safety in their lives and communities. Our mission is guided by our vision of a safe Philadelphia where all individuals and communities can grow and prosper.

AVP made me feel like I should always have hope in life.

- Client

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